My love affair with The Beatles began before I was able to form full sentences. But, bouncing up and down on my rocking horse in rhythm to the sounds of MEET THE BEATLES made the needle on my phonograph skip and scratched the record. Dad brought home a replacement along with an additional album from the local record store — A HARD DAYS NIGHT. I’m not sure what I miss more — my old records, the pullout posters, the song lyrics on the inner sleeve, or the mindlessness of browsing up and down the aisles at the record shops.

HARD DAYS NIGHT was another big hit! I’m still trying to figure out that monster opening chord! I now had two full length albums and hadn’t heard a single bad song. That seemed strange to me since there were so many songs I disliked on AM radio. Surely this band must have some bad songs. Then a 3rd, and a 4th album. How can it be? I love everything! I embarked on a course to own every Beatle album in existence. I owned the entire Beatle catalogue before ever purchasing a single album by any other artist.

I still have all of my Beatle LPs including the “White Album” on white vinyl, the pullout poster, and of course those 4 iconic individual photos of John, Paul, George & Ringo.

In later years, I purchased the entire Beatle catalogue again in the form of CDs, then again via downloads through the iTunes store with the purchase of the Beatle box set.

When asked which Beatle album is my fav, it’s impossible to say. It’s true that the Cellophane Flowers repertoire leans heavily on the ladder day Beatles. That’s mainly due to matters of instrumentation. But, if asked, under oath, which album was the most influential, it’s hard to argue against the album that started it all for me — the album that began a relationship which has endured a lifetime.

9 thoughts on “BEATLE BLOG #1: MEET THE BEATLES”

  1. Just found your voice and music! I dont normally like any Beatles cover songs except maybe Joe Cocker and Elton John’s….your voice is so beautiful!!!

  2. I just looked it up and it has great reviews!! Adding to my list, thank you so much! Vicky Esteban Cacilie

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